The Flemish Alzheimerliga

Simplified Stories


When you get Alzheimer’s, remembering things and using language become increasingly difficult. This makes reading very frustrating, so you give up on it quickly. That’s a pity, because research and field experience show reading has the power to slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s. It’s the perfect brain and language training. But how do we keep patients reading as long as possible?


Based on the advice of field experts Paradox and the University of Antwerp we made Simplified Stories: rewritten and redesigned books for patients with early dementia. Stromae’s biography is the first one. As a worldwide phenomenon he’s also the perfect topic of conversation between patients and partners, friends and family. So we’re not only creating awareness about early dementia, we’ve created something that really helps.

More important than the attention in the national press, the reactions on the book were heartwarming.

“My wife was surprised to see me reading again.”

– Danny

“Finally a new book on my bookshelf.”

– Patrick

“This book encouraged me to read again.”

– Anne
On public demand, the preparations for a French version are being made.