Meet the stars of
the IKEA catalogue

The new IKEA Catalogue Features Wonderfully Weird Models


Every year, at the beginning of September, IKEA distributes 4 million catalogues to households all over Belgium. Although people still expect to receive the new catalogue at the end of Summer every year, numbers show that the anticipation of its arrival has faded along the years. So we wanted to find a way for IKEA to bring back excitement and buzz around the release of IKEA’s bible of interior inspiration. We decided to immerse customers into the unique universe of producing the IKEA catalogue.


We created a mockumentary about the models featured in the catalogue. With over 220 million copies distributed worldwide, the IKEA catalogue is one of the most printed books in the world. So it makes sense for them to consider this their breakthrough moment. But what they don’t realize is, IKEA catalogues are all about furniture. And the models are just in there to make the furniture look good, not the other way around.


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