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DDB takes over your TV screen for VTM GO

DPG Media asked DDB to launch VTM GO. This is a free online platform for the best national and international series and movies. With it, you no longer need to play along when football or a silly soap is on your TV screen, you can just watch something else on your smartphone or tablet. There is now a campaign running based on that insight.

The campaign takes over a percentage of your TV screen

To promote online viewing through VTM GO, the campaign is hijacking your normal TV screen. During football trailers, 86% of the screen is taken up with the announcement that 86% of women would rather be watching something else like “Boer zkt. Vrouw” (Farmer Wants a Wife) on VTM GO. A load of other programmes is also being hijacked by clever insights that promote the vast VTM GO choice on offer.


The campaign also includes print advertising based on recognizable insights. Is your blind date somewhat disappointing? Are you having a boring bus ride? With VTM Go, you can make everything a lot more interesting.