Behind the Wheel

Volkswagen has created a new mini-documentary series with twelve authentic portraits.

"Behind the Wheel " is a documentary series featuring twelve Volkswagen fans that gives a unique insight into their passion. An authentic set of unforgettable memories, compact stories and iconic VW models. Meet Mark, Stéphane and Guillaume who have had the honour to open the series with their likeable enthusiasm.

3 weeks
to make each film
1 week
2 weeks

"Behind the Wheel" is a large-scale production, with one episode being posted online each month. As each film takes about three weeks to make, two for the preparation and one for the post-production, everything must be prepared in advance and in detail. The film recordings themselves take place during one day, so the film crew needs to be up bright and early. The Volkswagen team meet at the home of the fan in the morning for a first interview, and then the entire crew goes to the selected location to film the rest of the story.