Dorian Van Bever joins DDB Brussels as Head of Digital

DDB Brussels is excited to introduce Dorian Van Bever as its new Head of Digital.

Dorian loves new technologies in the way they constantly redefine the interactions between brands and consumers. “New possibilities pop up every day to deliver more targeted, relevant and engaging campaigns”, he says. “Think of this amazing thing you have in your pocket - and you might use right now to read this news. It changes everything.”

Having worked at the crossroads of (digital) agencies, advertisers and start-ups over the last 7 years, Dorian will do his best at actually making digital transformation happen. “The accounts we have today - and the others we will win tomorrow - are great opportunities to think out of the box. Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, (Customer) Experience Design ... Are some of the concepts I'd love to explore/challenge/develop together.”

On the side, Dorian loves sports, cars, outdoors and music. And more importantly, spending good time with brilliant people at building the future.