Belgian Brewers - Proud of our beers


Protected by 40 years of experience

Since the introduction of the Golf, 40 years ago, Volkswagen has made innovative technologies available for the public. To celebrate this historic birthday, DDB Brussels made a fitting TV and YouTube spot for Volkswagen Belgium.
Belgian Brewers - Proud of our beers

Belgian Brewers

Proud of our beers

For the first time in history the Association of Belgium Brewers created a campaign to promote Belgian beer… in Belgium. Because strangely enough Belgians are so modest that they don't show enough enthusiasm for their beer.
IKEA The coolest kitchen


The coolest kitchen

For the launch of the new METOD kitchens, IKEA wanted to familiarize the public with the endless possibilities of the new kitchen system. This inspired DDB Brussels to the following: if we can construct a kitchen to a kids’ imagination, we can build any kitchen.
B Classic - The Classical Comeback

B Classic

The Classical comeback

120 Years after Dvořák composed New World, finally his music video. Along with the first modern music video for a classical composer, classical music gets the same weapons as contemporary pop and rock stars. Initiator of this innovative action is non-profit organisation B-classic, a Belgian festival promoting classical music. 
Neutrogena - Cloudscreen



Neutrogena Singapore asked DDB to create an awareness campaign to encourage people to wear sunscreen even when it is cloudy outside. This might sound as a paradox, but the reason is simple: clouds don’t block out UV rays. So it is essential to protect yourself against the sun even on cloudy days. - Online signing sessions

Online signing sessions and DDB Brussels created a remarkable campaign for the book fair in Antwerp. The Dutch online bookstore is not only present on the fair, but also organizes online signing sessions with 6 of their popular authors.
VW Meteo Wobbler


Meteo wobbler

Belgians always have the weather on their minds. The proof: each month up to 3 million people consult the images of meteo-cams on the Belgian coast. Volkswagen and DDB Brussels respond nifty to this matter by introducing a new medium: the so-called meteo-wobblers. The wobblers are actually banners that have been attached to the webcams.
Audi A8 Headhunters


Audi A8 Headhunters

We briefed Huxley to look for the most suitable profiles and invite these people for a 24h VIP test-drive. A campaign, featuring the headline "Don't call us for a test drive, we will call you." amplified Audi's action through posters, print ads and online bannering. People who didn't receive a phone call could still put themselves on the headhunter's radar via Twitter.